Causes Of The Great Awakening Dbq Essay

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The American Revolution is an argument for what many historians and Americans believe to be the turning point and the beginning of the transformation that emerged in America. However, the American revolution was not the start of the political and social change in America, nevertheless it was the turning point of the revolution. The real revolution of social and political change was The Great Awakening. The Great Awakening not only signified an era of political and social change, yet a shift to where the common citizen was given an influence to speak freely for what they believed in.
The Great Awakening was not only the movement that touched the religious life of the Americans during the 1700’s, but affected the day-to-day of life of citizens, regardless of color, ethnicity, gender, or economic background which stands something unheard of in
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Coming from a time where African Americans were only seen as use to work the slave owner’s fields, this idea of the Great Awakening brought on the political change many southerners didn’t want to see so early in history. The Great Awakening gave many Africans the opportunity to be on equal footing with their slave owners as shown through a quote shown in George Whitefield’s account of mixed congregations he preached to. In document three George Whitefield says “The poor negroes crowded round the windows, and expressed a great concern for me”. (Kupperman 271) Due to the time in history many African American slaves were treated as lowly citizens, but through the power of Whitefield’s voice he was able to essentially break up the social barrier. For the first time in history it can be shown that the African Americans treated the white men most of them despised so heavily in a positive and caring manner. This conclusion can only be drawn by amount of resonance and the messaged displayed by religious leader’s