Cc 630 Final Exam

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This examination is worth 20 percent of your total grade. There are five semi open ended questions (worth 70 points) along with an accompanying cyber security action plan template (worth 30 points). You are to answer each of the five questions and to complete the Cyber Security Action Plan template based on best practices and your understanding of the case.

Please refer to the FAQ concerning the maximum length answer for each question You are not required to use APA formatting. For the open ended questions you are to provide your answers immediately follow the question as follows:

1. Describe… Response

2. Discuss…


And so forth…

On the Cyber Security Action Plan template for each
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However, the company must balance risk with opportunities in order to serve the stakeholders and grow the business.

ABC Healthcare’s stakeholders include multiple groups that depend on or need access to clinical and/or financial systems in order to help support and grow the company. The access requirements and associated risk model varies by user group. The main access groups are internal only users (i.e. nurses, hourly employee, etc.), internal/remote users (i.e. salaried employees, doctors, etc.), and business partners (i.e. collection agencies, banks, etc.). Risk mitigation solutions must be developed for each user group to help ensure that the company recognizes the benefit that each group brings and to minimize the risk to business operations.
The high-level management goals of the network design implementation are as follows: Support the business and balance security requirements without introducing significant overhead and complexity;
Maintain and enhance security without significantly increasing management overhead or complexity;
Implement systems that are industry supported (standards where appropriate), scalable, and fault-tolerant;
Ensure that the design is implemented to help ensure compliance with any and all applicable regulations;
Proper management of access control for legitimate users and malicious users is of the utmost importance for the security of the ABC Healthcare