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0 – 1 yrs old children don't have any understanding of themselves as individuals, they are sociable to adults they know and shy to strangers.

15 month old children recognise themselves more as individuals, they explore their environment randomly, react positive to other people and objects that they want (,It's mine!'). Children can understand instruction, but sometime they show off, throw toys in anger or have mood swings.

18 month old children respond to the word 'No', but the command needs to be repeated. They become more aware of themeselves as separate individuals, are very egocentric in their behaviour asand they are discovering themselves. Children recognise familar people at a distance, realise that they are looking at themselves in the mirror. They no longer take everything to their mouths to explore it. Children are taking in everything around them, are easely frustrated and may react by shouting and throwing toys.

2 yr old children have a clear understanding of self. They are able to concentrate for a short time, have interest for special toys and they have a little idea of sharing. Children at this age have a wide range of feelings, responsive behaviour and they aware of other people's feelings. They recognise familar people in photographs after being shown them once, but do not yet recognise themselve in photographs and they can listen to generate conservation with interest.

2 ½ yr old children recognise themeselves in photos and also recognise minute details in picture books.

3 yr old children begin to learn appropriate behaviour for a range of different social areas, can understand when they have to be quiet or noisy, they are able to copy the behaviour of adults and they want to be loved. Children like to play in small groups, can take turns, but they are not consistent about this. They can be very vibrant in their play and they develop a strong sense of past and future. Children start to use bad language, blame others when they misbehave. They are beginning to develop the concept of being helpful and believe that all rules are fixed and unchallengeable- for example, if told that coats must be worn when playing outside, they accept this without question.

4 to 5 yr old children can be very sociable, talkative and confident and self- assured and can take turns or wait for their needs to be met. Also they can be aggressive and argumentative. Children understand the needs of others and the need to share and take turns. They try to work out what is 'right' and what is 'wrong' in behaviour. They develop a sense of shame if their behaviour is unaccepted to adults, can also argue with parents, but there is still response to discipline. They are not so easily distracted from their own anger and sometimes regain their balance back by having 'Time out'.

6 yr old children develop a wide range of appropriate emotional and behavioural responses in different situation. They can be self- confident,