Explain Your Induction Standards

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Your Induction Workbook
Name Elizabeth Freshwater Job title Team Leader Organisation Northerncare Date 20/04/2012

Induction Standards Workbook Contents 2

3 Chapter 7: Standard 1: understand the principles and values essential for working with children and young people 37 Chapter 9: Standard 3: understand health and safety requirements 56 Chapter 10: Standard 4: know how to communicate effectively 69 Chapter 11: Standard 5: understand the development of children and young people 88 Chapter 12: Standard 6: safeguard children (keep them safe from harm) 105 Chapter 13: Standard 7: develop yourself 118 Chapter 14: what next?

18 Chapter 8: Standard 2: understand your role in the children and young people’s
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Can you describe them? Try putting them in your own words so that it makes better sense to you. Thinking deeper Describe one or two principles and values in a way that a child or young person might understand. Space for other questions your manager/supervisor may wish to ask

How does this area of knowledge relate to my everyday working practice, policy and procedure etc? Type your answer below after completion of this unit - please be concise a small paragraph is all that is needed. It is important for children to feel valued, respected and feel they have a voice. We can do this in our everyday practice by making sure that young people are actively involved in decision making for example residents meetings, activity planning and choosing the menus. It is also important that young people are aware of their background and where they came from so that they retain a sense of belonging. We can do this by trying to enable regular contact with family and friends where it is possible. Young people should be kept aware of anything regarding them, we can do this by involving them in reviews LAC and PEP. This shows young people that their opinion is valued and gives them an opportunity to have a say in what decisions are made regarding them.

Induction Standards Workbook Standard 1 6

Induction plan Please refer to Induction and Probation Log and Individual Training Plan.

Your reflections a) When taking young people on contact I always ensure i speak