Celebrated Mistakes You Should Never Tell a Lie Essay

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Celebrated Mistakes You Should Never Tell a Lie
And Always Tell the Truth
Ernestine M. Stevens
Springfield College

Lying is so easy to do for most people. We do this at an early age and do not even realize the trouble that we can get in. It seems so cute at first. Once you get grown and the legal complications start it is ugly. You can lose your freedom, family, job, and friends. In the worst way you could possibly lose your life. A lie can seem so small from the beginning then turn into something big at the end. If you tell the truth all of the time, you will not have anything to worry about. At an early age I told a little lie about not eating some cookies. It did not seem too big of a deal to me. I figured that
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This is the time when you can tell who your real friends are. Since I was eighteen and of legal age the law system came into play. I really made it to the big league. I began to see what my mother was trying to warn me about. A few of my so called friends and I helped ourselves to a few old school items. Since these items were to be destroyed we felt that it was okay to take them. My friends and I were not aware that we were being watched. Each of us promised never to tell on the other if we ever got caught. As months went by and no one approached us we thought we were in the clear. Little did we know that trouble was just ahead. It was time for graduation when the misdeed came to light. My so called friends were eager to clear their names. I was left out in the cold. I felt hurt, alone, and betrayed. I took the whole blame for everything. Although we all were allowed to graduate, I still had to pay restitution. I also had to carry the embarrassment and shame of what we did. I am now quite grown with a family of my own. I see what the effects of lying can do to you. As I look at my children I see the little lies that they are starting to do. I laugh inside because I see myself in them. The difference is that I have what it takes to guide then and keep them on the right path. I want my children to have a chance in life. That ugly skeleton in your closet can cause a lot of problems for you later in your adult life. I am not trying to imply that I do not tell a