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The Demonic Era recap
-two main paths that can lead you to the devil? Temptation (choice), possession
-5 trials
-Patriarchal society
Modern Day ‘Witch Hunts?’
-A witch hunt occurs any time a group of people persecutes another group unfairly, usually blaming that other group for larger problems, form of a socially constructed problem
-e.g. expansion of AIDS blaming on homosexuals, blaming unemployment rates on immigration
-early 1900s Chinese immigrants come to Canada to work on the railroads, Canadians believed that Chinese works would take away money for Canadian workers, creating fear in society (Chinese corrupting the beliefs of Canadian society), opium ban (Opium and Narcotic Act) (form of social control.
-Emily Murphy; The Black Candle, detailed all of the crazy things marijuana does to people under the influence, people started to freak out
-Moral panic; an intense feeling expressed in a population about an issue that appears to threaten the social order, individuals believe that society is going to break down unless something is done
-Some moral panics; global warming, youth and violent crimes, why2k, H1N1 viruses, Mayan theory (end of the world), rock and roll in the 60s (music in general), alcohol
-Moral entrepreneurs; individual, group, or organization, persuading society to go along with their version of morality to the general public
-Some moral entrepreneurs; MADD, political figures
-Folk devils; individuals targeted by the moral entrepreneurs
-Oprah; rainbow parties, children were not allowed to go to parties
-What groups were particularly vulnerable to the witch hunts?
-What factors made the witch hunts happen?
-The Witch Craze
-brings up ideas about women’s power, propagandized to fear women’s power
-the world witchcraft has been used to describe many religions/ practices around the world
-women who practiced rituals like the women of the Aleho
-Witchdoctors, healers, wise women
-Corendara Mexican healing witch
-witch= Anglo Saxon word for wic (bend or shape)
-RCC set of the Inquisition= people who went against charged with heresy
-15th and 17th century, the women’s holocaust
-the witch craze destructed a way of life
-traditions targeted as witch craft; pagans
-newly converted pagans worshipped Mary, they saw her as a goddess
-Joan the arc
-By her time the church was increasingly rigid, more and more threatened but difference
-midwives targeted
-anyone who cured without study was a witch, women weren’t allowed to go to university
-women practiced with fear for their lives
-the witch burnings were a way to control women/women’s bodies
-peasant rebellion seen as enemies of god
-men encouraged to beat their wives
-guilt and sin were now apart of Christian lives
-14th century the end of the world arrived in the form of the black plague, gods punishment for sin, people turned to village wise women for comfort and healing, women pop. increased, women begin to outlive men, women do not find husbands and become independent, this is not good for a patriarchal society
-just being old was suspect, widows, spinsters, loners
-the witch craze is an answer for institutions who feel threatened
-a way for people to blame their misfortunes
-hag, devils, agent of devil, the one with the evil eye
-hag used to mean women with sacred knowledge
-women who gathered at night were thought the be evil
-age of superstition
-Renaissance, the scientific revolution
-the witch hunts were a business, charge for getting withes, keeping books of trials etc.
-most trials in rural areas
-jailed, tortured, when brought out she was striped of her clothes, shaved hair is thought to have a lot of power, braid men’s fate, walk backwards so she cant give the priest the evil eye
-many could not withstand the tortures for confession, tortured three times, most did not make it through the second torture
-took the church 200 years to turn