Essay about Celebration: Psychology and Biggest Moments

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The Road to a Better Me

You know it’s funny how the biggest moments of your life happen when you least expect it. Like falling in love, dying, however for me this moment happened English class. It was a regular day in the nefarious classroom of Mrs. Harper. She was blabbering away about Benjamin Franklin and something about him being perfect or something. Before I knew it however, we had an assignment, we had to pick three things about ourselves that we didn’t like and work on one every week for three weeks. She called it the personal project I called it boring… Even after I got done explaining to her how perfect I was, she refused to accept defeat and excuse me from this project. Thus began an epic road where a kid who thought he was perfect quickly realizes that the world isn’t what he thought it was, well at least himself. The first thing I had to do in this project was choose the trait about myself that I wanted to change, I decided to change my cockiness something people say I have an abundance of. Next I had to make some sort of plan to track my progress. As you know I wasn’t very fund of this project so I just copied my neighbor’s paper, the plan consisted of a chart of the whole week. I would mark an “X” when I did something wrong that revert me back to old habits however, I also marked a “+” if I did something good such as stopping myself from overly confident speech or anything that seemed cocky. The first week I marked it here and there not really paying much attention to it. But when I reviewed my chart I was astounded by the amount of X’s there were. That’s when I knew this probably was going to be harder than I thought. I started to change my approach and putting more effort into the personal project, which just a few days earlier I could care less about. The first order of business was to identify the troubled areas and fine a solution. For example, I knew that the hardest part of the day was first hour, Student Council that was where most of the cockiness and things related to it happened such as not listen to other people, not being understanding. Every time they shouted ideas or said something that I thought was idiotic I held my tongue. Even when waves of stupidity splashed