Cells: Cell and Nuclear Membrane Essay

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1. Nuclear Membrane- To represent this, we used a door because the Nuclear membrane controls what goes in and out of the cell just like a door does.
2. DNA- We used this as an instruction pamphlet to represent DNA because DNA acts somewhat like instructions for the cell’s genetic material. Instructions can be found all around the home for many things such as toys, appliances, and electronics.
3. Nucleolus- We used a mother in a kitchen for this organelle because like an actual mother in a kitchen making and assembling things, it is the same function as the Nucleolus.
4. Plasma membrane- We used fences and a gate because it controls what comes in and out of the cell just like the Plasma membrane controls what enters or leaves the cell. This item is mostly common right outside of a house.
5. Ribosomes- We used a sink, table, and a chair to represent a kitchen which produces food which is like ribosomes, which make protein.
6. Lysosomes- We used a trash can to act like lysosomes because they break down and get rid of old things from a cel, much like a trash can does.
7. Rough ER- For the Rough ER, we used a bag which s 8used to package things in a house. A Rough Er packages proteins, in which they share the same function.
8. Mitochondria- For this organelle, we used a battery. Much like a battery does, the mitochondria produces energy for the cell and a battery produces the energy needed for the object, toy, or electronic it is powering.
9. Vacuoles- For our vacuole, we used a box that stores things just like an actual vacuole stores food, water, or other necessities for the cell.
10. Centrioles- We used a paper divider that divides papers and other things. In actual centrioles, it divides the cell in mitosis, in which they somewhat have the same function.
11. Cytoskeleton-For this organelle, I used a toy car and I also used a lock because the cytoskeleton had different functions such as transporting things and also protecting the cell. A lock protects things inside safes and lockers which can act as a cell. A car (A toy car I used in the model) transports people much like it also transports things inside the cell. A car is not a common…