Essay on Central Nervous System and Unconscious Behavior

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Stimulants have a major affect on the nervous system in many ways. Stimulants can act in many ways, one way that stimulants can act is by enhancing a neurotransmitter effect or inhibiting it. Stimulants can also increase the activity and responsiveness of the central nervous system.

The only time its beneficial for our behavior to be unconscious is when we are asleep. Its not beneficial to be unconscious when we are in a public situation. Yes you can recognize unconscious behavior, especially when a person is not doing the right thing or not thinking properly.

Over the years since I have been in high school I have learned that sometimes it can be rather difficult to work in groups. I remember working in a group and making a decision I didn’t agree with, but the only reason why I did it is because I felt all the pressure on me. Sometimes you feel like you have to agree on something you don’t agree with just because everyone else agrees with it. Working in groups can put a lot of pressure on an individual. In this chapter I learned that group think can result in risky decisions and in order to prevent this decisions have to be reviewed before they’re final.

Prejudice is developed through many ways including operant and classical conditioning and social learning. Meaning when people are exposed to stereotypical portrayals of minorities such as on television, children believe that this is the correct thing to do. It can also be developed within the home, and through