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Smoking Cessation with E-Cigarette Svetlana Germanovich South University

Smoking Cessation with E-Cigarette Cigarette smoking is a very hard habit to break. The main reason for smoking includes stress, emotional problems, and various influences (EBSCOhost: An analysis on smoking behavior). Smoking has been thought to decrease levels of depression or stress, even though it harms everything in your body and can be fatal. An E-Cigarette experiment has been conducted on two heavy smokers with a history of depression. The purpose of this research was for both to quit tobacco smoke using the E-Cigarette.
Patient 1: First patient was a 51 year old engineer with severe nicotine dependence. He smoked 30 cigarettes a day and had a history of major depression. His baseline eCO (exhaled breath carbon monoxide concentration) was 25.5ppm. After joining the smoking cessation clinic, he has been in the intensive care unit in April 2006, September 2007, July 2008, and May 2009 where he was given nicotine patches and medication until he relapsed a month later. In January 2010, the clinic calls and to follow up on his progress. He stated that he quit smoking and started the E-Cigarette in 2009. Weeks later, he stopped smoking tobacco and was only using his E-Cigarette for a couple months and then stopped that all together. There have been no reports of him going back to smoking.
Patient 2: The second patient was a 50 year old house wife who was also diagnosed with severe nicotine dependence joined the cessation clinic. She smoked 20-30 cigarettes per day. Her baseline eCO was 19.8ppm. She started the E-Cigarette in 2009, and a few months later stopped tobacco smoking altogether. After I month, she switched to mentholated cartridges which she uses for occasional events. Her eCO levels went down to 2ppm. No signs of relapse after 7 months of trying to quit tobacco. In