Ch 9 Jr Entry Essay

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For humans, some things have always been more important than others. That is why we value people, ideas, activities and objects according to their significance in our life.
Values that suited you as a child change might not feel the same as you become a young adult, form relationships and make your way in the world. What makes sense to you as a single person no longer makes sense when you are married, or have children. people have an innate sense of values and personal preferences that might get buried under layers of social demands and expectations (social morals) and part of the human journey involves the gradual rediscovery of these innate and highly personal desires. It is a good idea to become more conscious of your true current values, because your true current values are your best guide to how to live a better life. “Figuring out who you are is the whole point of the human experience.” – Anna Quindlen . Our values and beliefs are a big part of that, and when they change it makes it even harder to know who we are.
If we can find something eternal inside ourselves, then no matter what changes on the surface, this part of us does not change, the part that we come back to, guides us, makes us really fulfilled. Crisis of values (cognitive Dissonance) is one of the most known cause