Change and Modifiable Health Determinants Essay

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10) List three modifiable health determinants and devise strategies to modify these determinants. (6 marks)

Modifiable health determinants are those determinants of health that can be changed or controlled, so that they have a different level of influence on an individual’s health. Three health determinants that can be modified include health knowledge and skills and an individual’s attitudes.

The health knowledge and skills that people possess is a modifiable determinant that can enable an individual to assert greater control over their health. For example, to improve their nutritional health, an individual can attend courses to learn how to prepare low saturated-fat meals. This enhances their level of both skills as they can learn about the nutritional benefits of different types of foods. Reliable information on issues such as ways to increase physical activity levels are often available in places such as doctor’s surgeries and the Internet, which is accessible to all people. Therefore, it can be seen that an individual can modify the knowledge and skills that they possess.

Another determinant that can be modified to enhance the health of an individual is their attitudes towards health. An individual is more likely to change their attitudes towards health when they recognise there are significant benefits from doing so. Adding to this, the support of others is another crucial factor in the likelihood of changes in attitude occurring. For example, someone with