Change Management Analysis Essay

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The implicit change model held by the agent is a mix of a Coach and Navigator.

The reasons for the change The pressure for change arose from environmental pressures in the industry. There were slight fashion pressures facing the company. Many companies in the industry were implementing quality programs. There was also the reputation and credibility pressure present.

Internally, there were forces pushing the need for change. The company had been growing at a fast pace, both in terms of revenue, staff, and products. Revenue and profits were growing at a rate of 40% a year for the past three years. As the change program was in the developmental stage, it was documented that the company was incurring one or
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He felt like it was a personal attack on his work ethic. One other person within the change agent's organization (sales) had tried to implement changes of a lesser magnitude with this particular supplier and he had encountered strong resistance as well. Arguments would ensue and the change agent would have to let things calm down and then later return to the issue. A graphics employees within the organization would try and ask the supplier to make small changes in the way he provided information to her, but the supplier would not adhere to her requests. In summary, this particular supplier clearly had a pattern of obstacle thinking, perceiving the new program as a threat.

The agent tried to listen to their concerns and adjust to their needs. The change agent would try and educate the supplier in order to show how it was in the supplier's best interest to make the change. The change agent tried to make it easy for them to make the changes.

The President and the Vice President of Operations fully supported the quality program and were aware of the creation of the quality program. Others internal to the organization were not aware of what the quality program was or how it would really affect their jobs and did not know why it was an important program to implement. For some, the main source of information regarding the quality program came from the main supplier complaining to the fellow employees