Essay on Changes: Failure and Life

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Thomas Sammartino
Basics of Composition
Professor Mitrelis
Essay 1 Topic #2 Final Draft
13 November 2014 I believe it is difficult to make a significant change in one's life. However, I am confident that you can make a change if done properly. Most people try to make changes but give up to easily or try to change their life in the wrong manner. The three major qualities needed to make such a change are confidence, effort and patience. With these three major qualities you will destined make changes in your life.

Confidence is when you have a strong and firm belief that success will be achieved without any doubt. To be confident you must consider the pros and cons of whatever you are undertaking and then begin to focus on the positives and avoid the negatives. Disregard any feelings of failure or misgivings about your ability to succeed. You also need to be confident of the fact that you can accomplish whatever you want to when you have confidence in yourself. If people had no confidence in themselves, no one would be able to change and be successful in anything in life. With confidence you will be able to make symbolic changes in your life.

The second quality needed is effort, which is the work that you invest to acquire success. With the correct effort applied effectively and properly, you attain a beneficial change of circumstances. This means never accepting anything that you know is going to create resistance to your goal, but, instead fighting it and eventually prevailing. It is important to retain the will to succeed since abandoning it will bring certain failure. Without putting in any effort, there is an extremely small possibility you can change your life.

Finally we have the virtue of patience. This is where time is of the essence and is a quality that, if used wisely and productively, will ensure a positive result within