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Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

1. When beer was discovered and started to become an important part of society it was also helping the growth of the first civilization. Beer helped the people transition towards farming and the surplus of food that was made helped with the civilizations growth. Also beer’s association with friendly and healthy intentions ,such as toasting good health to someone, helped unite the civilization which is a strong key point to the growth of any civilization.

2. I believe that the history of beer tell us that early civilizations of course knew less about their surroundings and believed in superstitions and myths rather than in facts and science. Even though they knew significantly less about their environment then we do now a days they still recognised that the water they had was not safe to drink. Also the history of beer tell us that early civilizations had roles in their societies, they had scholars who helped in the process of creating their own writing. The transition from hunting and gathering to agricultural-based societies was influenced by beer’s rising importance in the societies (pg.20-21). People started to deliberately cultivate barley to make beer and in the process they also cultivated cereal grains for food which meant that they didn't really have to worry about moving with the animals because they had a somewhat stable food supply and an alternatively safe drink. (pg.13)

3.Beer in ancient cultures was used in a variety of ways.…