Chapter 1 Critical Think-Section Review

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Chapter 1 Critical Think-Section Reviews
Pg 10
1. Lifestyle diseases
2. Laziness
3. Heart disease
4. Age, race and gender
5. Age
6. Most teens die by car accident, others die by other accidents
7. Sedentary lifestyle, alcohol and drug abuse, sexual activity, STD’s, behaviors that cause injuries, tobacco use, and poor eating habits.
8. Not wearing seatbelts when driving or texting and driving.
9. Motor vehicle accidents
10. Get more sleep, exercise more consistently, and watch portions
11. Weighing recommended body weight.
Pg 16
1. Health is a state of well-being in which all of the components of health are in balance.
2. value
3. Wellness is the achievement of a person’s best in all six components of health.
4. health literacy
5. Physical