Chapter 10 Essay

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Shalisa Partee
Chapter 10
1. The specific needs that my agency addresses is the need for quality public education. The agency also addresses the need for community and family connectedness.
2. Within the geographic area served by my community there are twenty two percent of the population that is seventeen years of age or below.
3. The average for Baltimore city is twenty one percent.
4. There is no specific subpopulation that is most likely to experience to experience or need this service. All children need and deserve a quality education.
5. The community will be significantly harmed if access to a free public education is removed. The rate of juvenile crime would rise almost immediately. The future of the community members would be at significant risk. Unemployment and poverty rates would rise.
6. Local community members have argued in favor of my agency. The local compulsory education laws mandate that all children between ages five and sixteen attend school each day.
7. No. No one in the community that I know of has argued against my organization. Most people support having quality schools in the community.
8. I do not think any community organizations or groups would benefit from having an undereducated population living in the community. Outside of the community many people would benefit from it however. Many businesses rely on having undereducated people with few marketable skills. They need this group of people to work for minimum wage. The prison system also needs these people.
9. The only group in the community that might “lose” if the community’s children are well educated might be the upper income residents. These children may one day be able to compete with their children for resources, jobs and higher education. I do not however believe these people are intentionally doing anything to cause this to be the case. Most seem to welcome the idea of a well -educated community.
10. The concern of my agency has remained stable over the last ten years.
11. The criteria used to document the success or educational programs are standardized testing. In Maryland the Maryalnd sate assessment is used to gauge how well a school is preparing students.
12. Research in social and behavioral science changes the way my agency runs its