Chapter 9 History Notes Essay

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Chapter 9- Jacksonian American
Jackson come from humble beginnings and rises from the bottom to the top.
States should be more powerful than the federal gov. but he believe that constitution was law.
Very Patriotic
Works in model of Thomas Jefferson
Things Jackson Did:
1. Reduce Government Spending
2. Lower Tariff
3. Kill national Bank
4. Cut off all federal aid for infrastructure
5. By 1835 paid off national debt
Democrat didn’t like laws that dictated moralities, stuff like no stores open on Sunday or no prostitution.
3 Big Things Jackson Did:
Nullification Crisis: Tariff of 1828 was created by John Quincy Adams but went into effect during Jackson’s presidency and raised taxes on raw materials. People in the south really hated it because they were the main exporter of raw goods. They were mad because they had to pay extra to benefit northern manufacturing. South Carolina votes to declare the tariff null and void in their state. John Calhoun was vice president but is the lead theorist behind nullification. John argues the states got together and made constitution so if states feels like congress is doing something beyond the limit of the constitution then the state has the right to null and void it. But Jackson in the end say federal law is federal law! Jackson persuades for Force bill which says that president can use army and navy to collect the taxes. Henry Clay intervenes and get South Carolina to recognize new tariffs. South Carolina Accepts new tariff but nulls the force bill.
Indian Removal: Indian Removal act of 1830 is one of Jacksons first laws that he gets passed. 5 civilized tribes are the exception to pushing the Indians west. And they are Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole. These tribes were allowed to stay when other tribes were kicked out. The lived in areas that were more east coast or gulf coast. Basically Jackson said these people were savages and kicked them west just to be racist. The tribes went to court but Supreme Court denied the appeal and federal forces were sent to these five tribes and made them leave using guns. 18,000 people herded west. Trail of tears Georgia to Oklahoma made them walk in the winter with guns at their back.
Bank War: Jackson really hated the bank like many Americans he blamed the bank for the panic of 1819. Henry Clay makes a plan. The bank charter was not set to expire for a couple years but 1832 was a presidential election so if Jackson won he planned on vetoing the bank. Henry clay come up with idea that congress should renew bank charter early in 1832 and Jackson won’t risk killing the bank during a election year but Jackson got rid of it anyways and these are the three reason why he did it.
1. Bank was an unconstitutional monopoly that only helped rich get richer.
2. The bank exercised to much control over members of congress
3. The bank favored north east states.
The bank was funding his opponent’s campaign but he didn’t tell the public this.
After Jackson won the second election his hater group fell apart and the Whig party formed. National Republican  Whigs (1833- ): Pro American System, Strong federal Government led by congress, Morality legislation (Anti-Prostitution, Temperance), Merchants, bankers manufacturing.

John Calhoun is not going to be vice president in Jacksons second term, Jackson replaces him with martin van burin. Calhoun moves from democrat vice president to being a Whig because he gets invited to become a Whig. John Calhoun is the first Vice President to resign.
Panic of 1837: Series of events that leads to this.
1. Jackson wins reelection and kills bank of United States early.
2. Without federal bank state bank are left to do what they want because federal government is no