chapter five reading assignment Essay

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Chapter Five Reading Assignment
Regulatory movement and Paxton Boys- led an armed march in Philadelphia in 1764 they were against the Quakers leniency toward the Indians. They marched to let out their anger toward the provincial government. They marched to Philadelphia and stopped just outside the city because they were promised that the legislature would provide a hearing with all of their complaints. The regulatory movement occurred in North Carolina it was a small uprising against the eastern dominion of the colonies affairs
Molasses act- 1733 was parliaments attempt at stopping Native American trade with the French Indies. This led to American people bribing and smuggling their way around the law, foreshadowing the impending imperial crisis.
Great Awakening- a religious revival in the 1730’s because it has not been as prevalent as it was in the 17th century. It was the first spontaneous movement of the American people contributing to the sense of American people as a single people
Old lights- orthodox clergy men that were skeptical of the emotionalism of the revivalists. They provided some balance to the chaos of the great awakening.
New lights- ministers who defended the great awakenings role in the revitalization of the American religion they were the ones who shuffled the great awakening along and contributed to the America as a single people
Poor Richards Almanack- a book by Benjamin Franklin. Had a number of sayings that had an influence on shaping the American character
Royal colonies-1752-1783 leader were king royal governor and governors council.
Proprietary colonies- colonists who favored the British crown a type of colony who more private land owners retain rights that are normally and in time always became the privilege of the state. Colonies who favored British