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Joey Dixon
Mrs. Rogers
Language Arts CP 10
11 October 2012
True Patriotism A patriot is someone who has an extreme love for their country and will fight to defend it from enemies. In the movie The Patriot there are many characters who meet the definition of a patriot, but that’s not what it is all about. To have true patriotism you have to show it. You need to show that you care, by taking good care of it. You need to be able to prove that you will defend your country if the time comes, show that you can take care of the country and do your best to protect what you have. When their country called, and said they need to be defended from the British, Gabriel Martin did not hesitate. Gabriel shows that he is brave, by joining the army, and showing that he is not scared. He loves his country enough, and shows enough support to believe that it should be a free country. Gabriel also shows that he loves and has something to fight for. He fights for his family, to keep them safe and protect them. He does not want anything to happen to them. Finally, Gabriel shows that he is stubborn. He sometimes refuses to listen to what people tell him if he has made his mind up. If he does not want to do something someone says, he will do what he thinks is right. He is fighting to have freedom. The character Occam shows that he has true patriotism. During the movie Occam is fighting the army until he has acquired 12 months to become a free man, from his slave owner. Sometime during the movie, Occam accomplishes these 12 months, but he continues to fight until America is free. He is courageous. He is not only fighting to be free, he is fighting for his country. When he is free, he does not just leave them, he stays until the battle is over. Occam also shows that he cares. He cares about the value of his country and its outcome. Occam also fights to protect the citizens of the US and the people he knows. Finally, Occam is patient. He had to wait those 12 months until he was free, risking his life in the military. There was no point where the army had not been endangering his life, and he survived. He wanted to protect the people. During the movie, the some of the children, Gabriel’s siblings, go to live with their aunt, because it is not safe. Her