Character Analysis Of Jay Gatsby

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Jay Gatsby: In my opinion the best and most suitable character to play Mr. Jay Gatsby is Leonardo Dicaprio. The role of Gatsby is a strong role to take one. This means it needs a strong actor to play it so it could be perform in the best way as possible. When you think about it to Gatsby is portrayed as a very handsome, clean looking, rich man in his like 30s. When i think of this i automatically think of Leo Dicaprio.
Daisy Buchanan : In “The Great Gatsby” Daisy is Gatsby's ex girlfriend and currently married to Tom Buchanan who together they have a child. Only reason there together is because after all this time she thought Gatsby was dead. Daisy is a very slim, beautiful and Petite women in her like mid 30s. When i think of Daisy I think
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A flapper is a women who would rebel all things women were supposed to do back then. Cut there hair very short, very skinny, pale, dresses not like a proper lady would back in the 1950s. Which exactly what Jordan was. I could see this role being played by the no other very lovely Emma Waston. She is a very strong women and actress who just has the look to play Jordan.
Tom Buchanan: Tom is such a center absorbed person that he wants it either his way or the highway. He's also the type of person who if he can't have it no one can. Even if he's cheating on Daisy. Gatsby still won't let him have her. In my opinion the look of Tom is very Gangster like. With the nice suits and mustache he just looks like a someone in a Mob. This is why i could see Maurice Bernard playing Tom. In a role he plays currently he's a very strong take charge leader who is very harsh to everyone he knows and cheats on his wife 24/7 a somewhat similar character to Tom.
Nick Carraway: the main character of the film/ book always needs the strongest role. Especially if he's also the narrator of the whole thing. For Nick he's cousins with Daisy and also friends with Gatsby who's a writer who's coming to be. I could see this role being played by Ryan Relonds. He played a super hero and i mean come on who could get stronger then that. He fits the description of Nick. Tall, dark color hair, handsome and