Characteristics Of Small Business

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Examine the nature of the distinctive managerial, organisational and developmental characteristics of small businesses vis-à-vis well-resourced large companies. What are the implications of such distinctiveness for small businesses attempting to achieve sustained growth?

Entrepreneur is someone who takes a risk and initiates to take up an opportunity in the market for any goods or service to be sold to the consumers. All decisions are made by the entrepreneur as he is the risk taker and this obviously involves people working under him for example managers. All the capital is raised, decisions are made by the entrepreneur and business activities are monitored by the owners itself. As Bolton(1971) describes in his report small
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In my opinion raising more capital for an entrepreneur is a tough call and plus when you're not sure about it if your business will be successful if expanded is it worth taking the risk? Will the outcome be good after all that hard work and what if it leads to failure? Thats why its always good to know which market an entrepreneur will target where there is demand for the product and certainty and one should have the confidence and faith in their product or service that they are selling to the customers.Entrepreneurs do gamble and sometimes they take the risk and sometimes they just stay within their limits and don't opt to expand try to survive within the market or make loyal customers,they become brand loyal as they become satisfied with the quality of the good and after sale service of such enterprises. However advertisement plays a major role in anything to be sold awareness needs to be made. The inventor of tamagotchi is Aki Maita who came up with something new created a virtual animal called “tamagotchi” made in Japan that anyone can keep and play with it The originator of Tamagotchi is none other then Bandai employee, Aki Maita, who was searching for the perfect companion that