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Charles Dickens British American literature has developed many great writers like Rupert Brooke and George Bernard Shaw. But first lets go back in time, back to the 1800’s. Where children going to school was not the first priority to poor families. To where only the wealthy were taught to read and write. Back to where even at the young age of twelve you could be working in a factory or other job. This lifestyle was the life of Charles Dickens. Life in the 1800’s was not easy for some people especially the poor and women. The rights for women were nonexistent, they were controlled by the male figures in their families. There were three different classes that women were broken up into just like society; upper-working class, middle class, and the lower class. The upper class was very distinct, they had plenty of money for themselves. ‘Their children were often used to being spoiled, they would have expensive possessions like nice clothes and toys. The upper class were also considered to be rude and have bad manners’ (Kory W). The middle class did have some money just not enough to blow on anything and everything. And then the lower class, they were the poor people. The children in the lower class were lucky if they were able to attend school, but often had to leave early in order to go to work. The lower class had it the worst, they had trouble even affording the basics like food and clothing and illness often hit them (Kory W). The family would more often than not have to resort to stealing in order to get what they need. ‘The lower class lifestyle is one of the things that had a strong influence on Charles Dickens writings. ‘When he was a young boy his family moved away to live near a prison where his father was, which left Charles behind to live by himself.’(C.D.B.) Like in Oliver Twist it shows how differently the social classes can treat each other. ‘Stories his nursemaid told him as a young boy, also many trips to the Theater greatly influenced him.’(B.C.D.) You can really see of the lower class lifestyle influenced one of his books, Oliver Twist. Oliver Twist is about a boy who is brought into life as an orphan, or a burden to the town. You read about his struggles to find true friends who love him and not want to hurt or use him. You see how some poor people had to lean towards stealing food and other daily items in order to survive or make money. Also you witness just how the poor dressed along with how the upper class dressed, you see just how different it really was. There are even parts where you can witness how people looked down upon the lower class and did not care so much for them. They would even treat the people poorly or do something mindlessly to get them out of their own way. Oliver Twist really does show you just how much things have changed since the 1800’s and how people really used to live back in the day. You see just how hard it was for some people and learn the life has never been easy. For instance, Charles Dickens had the typical life of a poor person at this time. He was in and out of school and work for some of his childhood. ‘At the age of twelve Charles had his first job, working with working-class men and other young boys in a factory that handled shoe polish. But than his father was sent off to prison due to debts, which left Charles to live alone. Than his father received an inheritance, which helped repay the debts and allowed Charles to return to school, but not for long. At the age of fifteen he was forced to leave school again and work as an office boy. Which helped him to progress in his career, within the year he became a freelance reporter and stenographer at the law courts of London. And within a few short years he became a reporter for two London newspapers and later began to contribute a series of impressions and drawings to other competing newspapers and magazines. His drawings made his reputation so known that in 1836 they became published,Sketches by Boz, which