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Ouch Charlie
Jennifer Rusland
HUMA 1970
Dr. Peter Cumming
November 9th 2014

The 55-second YouTube video “Charlie bit my finger-again!” uploaded in May of 2007, starring two young English boys went instantly viral. Seven years later, the video ranks as the third most viewed on YouTube with nearly 800 million views.Viewers across the world instantaneously feel in love with the two brothers, at the time of release was, three-year old Harry Davies-Carr and one-year old Charlie Davies-Carr. The brothers were recorded sitting in a chair together, when Harry places his finger into Charlie’s mouth, and Charlie processes to bite his finger. “Charlie bit me” Harry states, then places his finger back into Charlie’s mouth, where he gets bitten even harder. Harry who is now hurt, screams “Ouch” while his brother begins to giggle. The video ends off with Harry smiling saying “Charlie bit me” (HDCYT). Throughout the YouTube video, “Charlie bit my finger-again” it can distinguish the ongoing change in childhood because of technology, this can be displayed through social media, the change in parenting skills and lose of innocence. Social media is the largest social interaction between people where it is as easy as clicking a button to share the latest news, idea or picture/videos through social networking. Some of the most popular social networks today include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vine and Google. These networks have created a new world in today’s society, and with this brings along advantages such as catching up with an old friend. However, along with the pros of social networking there are many cons that include revolving your activities around sharing them on the Internet. Howard Davies-Carr, the father of Harry and Charlie, first fatherly instinct when with his two sons was to pull out a camera and record moments of his children growing up. Instead of putting this home video away for his children to watch later on in their life, he decides to share it over social media. Publicizing their children for millions of viewers comes along with a lot of negative risks, such as child pornography and the fact that once something is posted on the Internet it is impossible to be deleted.
Social media is extremely addicting and viewers are always wanting more. The Davies-Carr family caught themselves in a trap of pressure with millions wanting more videos as they were curious what the two adorable brothers are doing. Within the description of videos posted after “Charlie bit my finger-again!” were comments from the Davies-Carr family such as “I feel obliged to share more video with you all” and “Again apologies if you are looking for something as funny as Charlie Bit Me. This is simply a video” (HDCYT). This shows the pressure of the world eager for more. In today’s society, children are oblivious to the effects of social media on their childhood.
Specific types of Internet activity (social networking sites, multi-player online games) have been associated with lower levels of wellbeing among children. Children who spend more time on computers, watching TV and playing video games tend to experience higher levels of emotional distress, anxiety and depression. This relationship is particularly negative among those who engage in high levels of screen use (more than four hours a day) (Holder, 2009, p 378-386).
Children easily get addicted to watching videos on the Internet such as “Charlie bit my finger again” without realizing how much it is taking away from their childhood; this could also result in addition to graphic online videos such as pornography. However, it is not only the children’s fault for the change in childhood because of development of technology, but also their parents. Throughout the last decade, as the evolution of technology rose, parenting skills have declined. This is evident in “Charlie bit my finger- again” as Howard Davies-Carr and his wife, recorded their son