Essay about Chemistry: Ion and Mole Ratio

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|[pic] |Examination |
| |Year 11 Chemistry |
| |Semester 1, 2012 |

|Name | | |Item |3 |

|Field | Everyday language Specialised language Highly technical language |
| |X |
|Tenor | Informal language Neutral language Formal language |
| |X |
|Mode | Most spoken Written texts spoken aloud Most written |
| |X |

|Steps to Follow and |Write all answers in the space provided on the question sheet. |
|Instructions |Unless otherwise directed, round off any decimal answers correct to 2 decimal places. |
| |Any questions requiring answers written in need to be answered in sentences, not phrases. |
| |If you feel a question is ambiguous or unclear in its meaning or that there is insufficient data, state your position and continue.|
| |The validity of your argument will be taken into account when the paper is evaluated. |

Summary of Results
|Formative | |Summative |X |

|Criteria |Result |
|Knowledge and Conceptual Understanding |A |B |C |D |E |
|Investigative Processes |A |B |C |D |E |
|Evaluating and Concluding |A |B |C |D |E |

KCU 1. (*) Determine the molarity of a NaCl solution when 0.25 mole of NaCl is dissolved in 750 ml of water. Molarity = no. of moles/Litres of Solution = 0.25mol/ 0.750L = 0.33M or 0.33mol/L
|C |Correct formula and answer |
|D |Correct formula, calculation error |
|E |An attempt |
|N |No attempt |

KCU 2. (*) Name the type of reaction in Column B that best matches the example in Column A.
|Column A |Column B |
| | |
|Zinc reacts with hydrochloric acid to form zinc