Chevrolet: Green Marketing to the Youth Market Essay

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Group Marketing Plan Project

Final Project
Chevrolet: Green Marketing to the Youth Market
October 10, 2013

This paper was prepared for BUS 300, Marketing.

Chevrolet: Green Marketing to the Youth Market

Chevrolet, which is referred to as Chevy, was founded in the early Twentieth Century. Chevrolet produces American cars and is sold by most automotive markets worldwide. After Chevrolet’s inception they were then bought over by General Motors. The Chevrolet products that are introduced to the market are aimed to adapt to the American consumer, and the consumer’s ever changing social changes and the consumer’s values and trends. With that said Chevrolet has invented a green car that adapts to the world’s trend of “going green”.
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The factors are economic, technology, political and legal environment, and cultural and social environment. These forces shape the market environment.
The first factor is the economic environment. At this present time General Motors is facing a difficult economic recession. The Gen Y’s have followed decreasing trends of purchasing cars before this economic recession. During this recession that our economy has been faced with 37% of Gen Y are currently under-employed or out of work. The car industry has experienced a 30% decrease of car purchasing in the last five years and this is mostly to blame with the recession that has hit the United States. General Motors recognizes that Gen Y does not have a lot of income and many of Gen Y is still living at home with their parents this is why they offer a fuel efficient vehicle that is affordable and environment friendly.
The second external factor is technology, which is a big factor when dealing with Gen Y’s. Before Gen Y the purchasing of cars was thought of as a rite of passage and now Gen Y’s have changed this rite of passage to technology in one form or another. Gen Y’s rather have some form of technology whether it is a cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc than a car to get around in. What the older generation use to do in vehicles Gen Y now does through technology. Gen Y does not have to get in their car to buy something or see a friend they can now just go on the internet to do these things. General Motors needs to