Chicano Gangs: Film Analysis

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Enisa Gutic
Film Response 2
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Barrios controlled by Chicano gangs

This film depicts the violence that happened in the late 90’s in Latinx poor barrios also known as neighborhoods. This film shows how violence begins to affect their lives, everyone living in these barrios. When supporting your family with a market job begins to be difficult, you look into other options such as selling drugs. The major themes seen in this movie of ones of feminism, racial stereotypes, friendship and drug use in the poor barrios of Los Angeles. This film also proves that it is not only men that could be in gangs, but also women can too. Latina women can also make progress towards a career and an improvement to their overall lives. Some themes prevalent in the movie are the ones of friendship, deceit and family values.
Ernesto shows that low paying jobs do not help when you are trying to support your entire
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The woman's gang in Echo Park proves that gangs are not only limited to men. This film portrays women empowerment and status through the barrios in Los Angeles. This film breaks racial stereotypes. The racial stereotypes of Latina women to rely on their men, the stereotype that women cannot be in gangs. This film also breaks the thought that women or men coming out of prison cannot succeed in their life after. This is a film about empowering Latina women, to do whatever they set their minds to and that they do not necessarily need men to succeed in life. This film shows women that they need to count on themselves and shape their own futures for the reason that the men in their life may not be around all the time. This film shows hope for Latina women all around the world who may be dealing with poverty, gangs and discrimination. The film portrays a hope that Latina women can and will escape the cycle of poverty in