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Hannah Harris
English 3
Josh Beckworth
March 31, 2012
Self Mutilation victims need Assistance

There is a big issue surrounding us that keeps increasing year after year and not many people are aware because the victims usually are very secretive about it. Self mutilation has a huge impact on not just its victims, but on their family and friends as well. All types of people are being involved no matter the gender, education level, age, or even the amount of money one has. There is many different methods of self mutilation such as burning one’s self, hitting your body with objects or even your fist, picking at your skin until it bleeds, biting yourself, pulling your hair out, and cutting yourself which is shown to be the most popular. No matter the method the victim picks all are severely dangerous especially when there is a large suicidal risk. This is an often ignored problem that for many reasons needs to be fixed for the health and well being of society.
It is said that self mutilation makes some people feel better because of the reduction of tensions and the lack of experience they have in dealing with strong emotions. Many people have referred to this kind of behavior as psychotic, however it isn’t psychotic at all it’s a type of coping mechanism that is chosen to help calm their nerves, but the level of risk there is in coping this way is never really acknowledged. All stages of self mutilation is dangerous, but the worst is deliberate self-harm which is