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Tiffany Robison
Chapter 10 paper
My interviewee told me a few “crises” they went through. First in Junior High, the interviewee started wearing these really baggie pants, but nothing else baggie. They did this just because of the type of group they hung out with, then half way through the first year in Junior High they stopped because they made friends with a new group and wanted to fit into that group so started wearing the type of clothes they wore, which were more regular. As time went by the interviewee was still hanging out with the same kind group of friends all the way into the first year of High School, remembering back then the interviewee said that they would try out for certain sports just because some of their friends were trying out for those types of sports. When that didn’t happen, the interviewee started to veer towards a different type of group that didn’t do any school activities, but found that they were really good at school like them, but also liked to have fun outside of school and not only focus on school. The interviewee said that they never had a crises when it came to religion because the parents never forced it on them, they gave the interviewee a choice to go to a certain church or not, but never did choose to go to one, even to this day. My interviewee told me that they did numerous of things to fit in to a certain group or have a certain person like them, even from drinking to doing drugs to even being bulimic, but the one thing that stood out to me that my interviewee told me is that, they didn’t feel like they were good enough to be around anymore especially when it came to their mom, so tried to take