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There are many different ways to giving birth. Such as Caesarean Birth, Hospital birth, Home birth, Water birth, Active birth and also Assisted birth. Birth by caesarean section means a baby is delivered from the mother’s uterus through an incision in her abdomen. It is fondly referred to as a vaginal bypass. Sometimes it may occur after a long labor, or may be done on request from the mother. In cases where there is a multiple or breech pregnancy, caesarean is the delivery of choice for most obstetricians. An emergency caesarean birth is performed when the safety of the mother or baby is questioned before or during labor. It may be performed under general anesthetic, epidural or spinal anesthetic. It is important to remember that this involves major abdominal surgery and finding out all about how it is done is vital in dealing with your fears.
A hospital birth is a birth that takes place in a hospital setting. The mother delivers her baby vaginally with or without medication or intervention. The trend for all babies to be born in hospital is relatively recent. In the 1960s and 1970s many women opted for home births.
While vaginal births could be done at home an expected complicated birth or a caesarean birth will always be done in hospital. Although labor and delivery are normal physiological events, they are not without potential hazards. One of the advantages to delivering in hospital is that there are facilities available for any emergency. Hospitals today are making great efforts to change the environment from clinical to more homely.
Women who have had a previous uncomplicated delivery may opt for a birth in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. They also may wish to have their other child children at the birth. Some may have had a bad hospital experience with previous babies, and those who want to be in control of their birthing situation. The mother will usually be assisted by a midwife, with the backup of a doctor. The mother will have to make sure that all she needs is available and on hand when she goes into labor. Bear in mind that over 90% of healthy pregnant women receiving good antenatal care will give birth spontaneously. However if things don’t run smoothly, you might need to be transferred to hospital. A water birth is the birth of a baby (through the birth canal) directly into water. It may be in a hospital setting or at home, in a special bath or a normal bath. Remember…