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Why we should go to Orlando, Florida for our family vacation

I know our family has been dreaming about the ideal vacation. We have talked about several different aspects like where should we go, should it be warm, should there be snow, should there be a beach, how much shopping will we want to do, and what kind of entertainment would work the best for us? We want to make sure that we can organize and plan a vacation that will create the best memories possible, so that our family can have these great memories for a life time. We will want the best atmosphere to spend time together, experience new things, have fun, and maybe even just relax together. That is why I believe that Orlando, Florida is worth the money, and is the perfect place for us to meet these goals for our family vacation.

First, let’s start with weather. I personally like to be warm more than I enjoy the snow, so a nice warm climate that is not too scorching hot is great. In Orlando, December has an average temperature high of 70.8, while the average low is 51.3, which is great for a month in the dead of winter. In July, the average temperature high is 91.5 and the average low is 71.8, (Johnston, 2011) so even in the middle of summer, the average temperature isn’t over 100 degrees. As you can see, Orlando has a climate that fluctuates less than other destinations we might have talked about.

Second, we have beaches, and I know everyone in our family loves the beach. Orlando has several beaches within a short driving distance. These beaches vary with different strengths in the tides, and things to do like shopping, hiking, kayaking, fishing, bicycling, and swimming. Some of the closest beaches include the following: (1) Cocoa Beach, with a driving time of about 1 hour and 5 minutes, (2) Daytona Beach, with a driving time of about 1 hour and 7 minutes, and (3) Smyrna Beach, with a driving time of about 1 hour and 8 minutes. Fort De Soto Beach, with a driving time of 2 hours 3 minutes, is not one of the closest beaches (Orlando Sentinel, 2012). However, I think Fort De Soto would be worth checking into. It is a very calm place to relax and spend some quality time as a family. The waves are calm, so we can play with the kids in the water and not worry about them getting knocked down. This beach also has seashells scattered all over the sand, which range from giant clam shells, to the smallest of shells. Some spots on the beach even seem to be made up mostly of broken seashell. This beach brings out the explorer in anyone. We wouldn’t have to spend as much money on any days we spend at the beach, and furthermore, having this many beaches to choose from has value in itself.

Next, we can explore the shopping possibilities in Orlando. With Orlando being the world’s most visited destination, there is an array of shopping possibilities for us to pursue. We would have our choice of malls, such as the Florida Mall, which is Orlando’s largest major shopping center. You might choose the Mall at Millenia, where you can find some high end stores and boutiques, or maybe Festival Bay Mall, with its choice of Pro shops and Movies. If we wanted to look for a good deal, there are several outlets that we can explore. Orlando Premium Outlets, located at both International Drive and Vineland Avenue, or Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores are a great start to picking up some designer products at great prices. If the kids want to pick up some good souvenirs, Downtown Disney is an outdoor experience with choices from shopping, dining, movies, and live music. Downtown Disney also has the largest Disney character store in the world. If we still didn’t find what we were looking for, we could always find a good Disney shop or souvenir shop nearby.

Finally, I think one of the main reasons we should go to Orlando, is because of the amazing array of amusement parks. The parks all have exciting things to offer, like roller coasters, water