Childhood Obesity In America

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Childhood Obesity in America and its Leading Factors In the United States seeing an obese child is not very uncommon and because of how many people are affected by obesity, it has assimilated into American society. This pandemic has remained in the shadows of many other disorders and diseases, creating a large group of people and children that have been affected because of how the proper measures haven’t been taken in order to prevent it. The increase in Childhood obesity in the United States in due to how the symptom have remained hidden in the shadows of more renowned mental and physical disorders, thus preventing treatments and procedures from being created due to lack of attention. Through the use of proper research and public observation, …show more content…
Obesity in children was seen as glandular, since many children who ate very little still remained heavy. “Cases [of obesity] only too frequently occur in individuals who are innocent of all dietary excesses;” (Laura Dawes, 90). The evidence gathered shows that even without the excess consumption of food obesity could occur in in children. This relates to the genetic aspect of obesity and how it could be passed down. Obesity has been shown to be passed down in families that have extreme obesity and through this a line of people will continue to pass on the genetic mutation that created obesity in their DNA. “ Weight gain have been gained by identifying and characterizing the rare genetic mutations in individuals and families with extreme obesity” (Rajalakshmi Laksman, “Childhood Obesity”) The people affected by these genetic mutations are unaware, unless tested, and continue to pass on the traits of obesity creating more and more obese children as they have children, expanding their families. According to Mendel, “No normal boy or girl can overeat.”(Laura Dawes, 91) Mendel being a research praised in his studies on nutrition, the factuality of this is very legitimate and explains that a child cannot overeat without feeling the negative aspects of too much a specific substance. The fact that the genetic aspect of obesity and organic reasoning is still not officially known by the public shows how hidden the disorder is. The theories that are presented based on factual evidence and opinionated reasoning has been shared through articles and textbooks, but has not been accepted due to how it is not sufficiently supported and demanded by the public. Obesity has been known of since the 1960s and yet the epidemic has remained hidden throughout the years. Evidence has shown itself nationwide, especially in the minority races but the United States did not recognize