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There are so many different people who attend college not only in the U.S but around the world. Although college may not be for everyone, it actually helps people become more successful in life in general. In Charles Murray's “What’s Wrong With Vocational School”, he argues that less people should go to college and believes that one’s IQ should determine whether or not they should attend college. I disagree with him and think that this is an ineffective argument. Murray thinks that only people with IQ's of at least 100 should attend college. He also says that there are too many people attending four year colleges. There will never be too many students attending college. Each who are just trying to widen their choices for a career or are trying to better themselves in everyday life.
Saying less people should go to college is just plain ignorant. You don't necessarily have to finish your degree to learn something. Many people have been in a position to where they didn't finish their major but still ended up learning different things just from their own personal college experience. Murray also believes that certain Bachelor’s degrees certify nothing, for example, sociology, economics, and history. These degrees may not be relevant to certain jobs, but just finishing these degrees can show many things about someone’s work ethics and characteristics. By completing different majors and degrees it shows that you’re willing to work and learn in life and in the workplace. You can also use what you learned in different job situations that someone without a degree might not know how to go about the situation. Depending on the person, some people are really bad test takers. Murray says “If you want to do well you should have an IQ of 115 or higher” (631). No matter how smart someone may be, anxiety can take over one’s mind. People who are smart can understand what’s going on in their classes but when it comes to test time everything changes. I agree with his statement in the fourth paragraph about how many students attend college because their parents are paying for it and it is what they supposed to do after their finish high school.
Many students do not have any real goals or any ideas of what they are going to do for their life, but going to a four year college is an obligation because their parents have spent so much money for them through high school, and now college. Automatically, their job is to do well in school and finish with a four year degree so that they can be prepared for their future without the supporting from their parents. This is a common sense that many of us all know as an adult; yet not all young people understand this fact. They refer to do what they like or what they are dreaming to be. They don’t want to get trap in those boring campuses doing thins that they have no passion for or doing things that they don’t see themselves doing it in the nearest