Childhood Obesity Research Paper

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Final Essay
Childhood obesity is having a major effect on our society but is also getting worse. If I had to influence a group of decision makers for the federal department of Education about childhood obesity and ways they could prevent this, I would provide them with multiple ways and how it would help. I would first explain that the food being served at the school is still very unhealthy. Even though it costs a lot more to bring healthier foods into the schools, this can lower obesity in children. The schools should offer more fruit and vegetables instead of cookie and having French fries all the time. At my high school, we also had different lunch lines. We had regular lunch, super lunch and then we also had the salad bar. I think every school should have a salad bar because I know many people who would rather have a salad than a regular lunch. This is also healthier to have. In the super lunch line, you received more food, and it sometimes was different than what was in the regular lunch line. This should be removed. All students should have the same portions. If kids are allowed to have more food, they’re going to take it. My high school also offered many vending machines, we had vending machines with snacks, such as chips and candy bars, and we also had soda and powerade. The vending machines were not allowed to be used during the day but after the last bell rang, they were used. These should be removed from all schools along with the extra chips, fruit roll ups and cookies in the lunch lines. This will force kids to take the regular lunch and get their body used to eating the same amount every day. Along with explaining this idea about bringing healthier foods into the school and getting rid of unhealthy foods, I would explain an idea about having a class developed to explain in depth about healthy habits when it comes to food. Along with the class develop a week long program for the kids to do. For example have the students sit down with

their parents and have them pick healthy dinners for the whole week, along with the dinner have them pick breakfast and lunches. This will allow the kids to be exposed to eating healthy