China India Education Essay

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China/India Education Paragraph

Although America seems like a dream country to be educated in to many people from other countries such as China and India, American students need to be more prepared for the competitive future by changing simple aspects such as study habits, having faith in their future, and managing their time respectfully. To begin with, American students have a tendency to not study for upcoming school events such as tests, homework and exams. We can learn from Chinese students, who study for up to six hours per night, and usually the whole weekend. They are in school from 5:45 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. “You are locked at school and mainly sitting in your seats in the classroom”, says Su “Nancy” Ke, a student at Beijing High School. Because of her immense study habits, Su began studying English at age four, geometry at age ten, trigonometry at age twelve and physics at age thirteen. Changing America’s study habits will provide more hope for the future. Second, all over the world, students are setting goals for themselves once they graduate; such as Apoorva Uppala – a student from St. Paul’s English School in Bangalore – who states that she is definitely aiming to be an engineer because it is the safest career choice. However, most students in America don’t have a clue on what they want to be doing once they graduate. “Ten years from now I don’t really know what I’ll be doing... I could be doing a lot of different things.” – Neil Ahrendt, a student from Carmel High School. In the article “Young India”, Indians are proud to state that their country is successfully improving with the help of their children. If American students follow these inspirational footsteps from other countries, our country would have more faith in their future. Last, American students need to balance their time more effectively. The back cover on the “Two Million Minutes” box states: “For