Essay on Chinese Tourist and Travel Trends

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Chinese Tourist and Travel Trends

According to Chinese citizens Travel Consumer Market Report, 98.19 million visitors had traveled overseas in 2013, an 18 increase over last year. Apparently, more and more Chinese like travel and Chinese tourists wanting to go oversea is increasing. Now more than ever, Chinese tourists choose to go oversea which is the most change in China. China has 1.3 billion populations. When having holiday, people like scenic spots.People were so tired of this situation that they could not enjoy in the holiday. They need to relax and be satisfied. Consequently, some people who have economic capability will want outbound travel.Some data shows that Chinese are leading in foreign countries in record numbers.Also, an average of each Chinese who traveled 2.5 times in 2013.Compare with age level, young people like self-service traveling more than attending a travel agency. Some Chinese recognized that attending a travel agency cannot have the high equality experience, and they want control of their time and like to conduct thorough research about how and where to choose a destination. Why do some Chinese tourists prefer to go oversea.? Because China's middle class is on the rise ,they become wealthy.The UNWTO report shows that Chinese is the world's third- largest spender on international tourism.Chinese's standards of living are getting higher before. According to the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics report, per capita disposable income in China grew 10.9 percent in 2013, compared with 2012, to 18,311 in 20131.Also, the report shows that Chinese tourists who travel oversea are still amongst the wealthier of China's citizens. China' middle class average annual household income of 245,729 RMB, compared with the Chinese population average of 49,920 RMB in 2013.Another reason that is most people will spend money to visit each year. In China, every employee gets annual leave that is five days. When getting annual leave, people will plan to vacation in these five days. Otherwise, people will plan travel in summer holiday especially student. Popular culture also is the reason that Chinese tourists go oversea. Hit Movies and TV show are influencing people choice. For example, South Korea where