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has 13 stores including six in Melbourne and one in Sydney.

Our aim is to make sure that the Haigh’s customer experience is one of quality. Visit any one of our stores, and you’ll find that chocolate tasting, gift wrapping and personalised attention is part of the service.

we’re one of the very few chocolate manufacturing-retailers in the world who still source and manufacture from the cocoa bean.

our factories at Mile End and Parkside in South Australia.

At Haigh’s Chocolates we’re one of only a few specialist chocolate manufacturing retailers in the world making premium chocolate from the raw cocoa bean

hand make and hand mark –30%

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“A key to our growth strategy has been the expansion and improvement of our manufacturing facilities to keep up with increasing demand for high quality chocolate,” said Mr Haigh.
“We have just completed an expan sion of the Haigh’s Mile End chocolate making facility.
new facilities allow us t o produce over 1000 tonnes of chocolate per yea
r. At the moment we produce
650 tonnes, up from 350 tonnes five years ago.

Today Haigh’s Chocolates has 14 stores. We have six stores in Adelaide including the historic Beehive Corner, six in Melbourne including a store within the historic Block Arcade and two in Sydney including our newest store in the Queen Victoria Building.


“It’s never-ending,” says Haigh, noting that the range of chocolates goes beyond just