Chris Mccandless In Today's Society

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Each year, thousands of people travel to across the United States, and even the world, planning to change their way of life. Several individuals change their names to hide their true identity, minimalists and take on various other tasks in an effort to live a different way of life. Chris McCandless, in Jon Krakauer’s book, Into the Wild, is an example of one of these people. McCandless frequently spent his summer breaks “off the grid”, but always returning home before school began at Emory University in the fall. McCandless traveled to Alaska, extremely unprepared and never returned. Several have questioned if McCandless went into the wild to go “off the grid”, to prove to himself and others that he could live secluded and unprepared, or, to ultimately die. “Going off the grid”, a popular trend, has become more prevalent in today’s society. People are leaving their homes, and going to secluded parts of the world, abandoning a normal lifestyle. Similar to Chris McCandless, Tod Kershaw told CNN about his idea to move and live off of the land. …show more content…
Several people question whether or not McCandless planned to die in Alaska. He went into Alaska without a hunting licence and other necessities required to live. Jim Gallien, the last person to see McCandless alive asked McCanless whether he had a hunting license and if anyone knew about his plans (6-7). Chris told Gallien: “How I feed myself is none of the government’s business” (6). McCanless was adamant about living in the wild of Alaska, but why would he go unprepared? McCanless also did not have a place to stay, he found an abandoned bus, which became his home. In Jesse McCartney’s song, Running Away, he says, “I need a break from it all / Some space from it all for a minute (McCartney). Both McCandless philosophy and Jesse McCartney’s lyrics correlate because they both planned to live secluded