Chris Mccandless Journey Into The Wild Analysis

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What was going through Chris McCandless’ head that caused him to want to go into the backwoods of Alaska? There are multiple theories that people think of as the cause for his failed journey into Alaska. A few of those theories consist of: philosophical belief, literary influences, family problems & emotional damage, arrogance, stubborn streak, and even rebellion of youth & risk-taking tendencies. I for one believe two possible motive for his adventure were literary influences and arrogance. Although it may be true that Chris McCandless was an educated and intellectual because he went to college, people overlook the fact that Chris may have had his head in the clouds a little more than most people seeing as he read multiple stories of adventure …show more content…
Once again, Jim Gallien was one of the few men that Chris came across that tried to tell him of all the wrong choices he is making and tried to dissuade him from going on a suicidal journey. Jim stated, “‘I said the hunting wasn’t easy where he was going, that he could go for days without killing any game. When that didn’t work, I tried to scare him with bear stories. I told him that a twenty-two probably wouldn’t do anything to a grizzly except make him mad. Alex didn’t seem too worried. ‘I’ll climb a tree’ is all he said. So I explained that trees don’t grow real big in that part of the state, that a bear could knock down one of them skinny little black spruce without even trying’” (Krakauer 5-6). Chris’s arrogance was one of the ill traits that killed him. He did not listen when he was told he should have more gear and more food. To add salt to the wound, Chris should have never have burned all of his money. He would have then been able to attain more suitable gear and more food. As a result of Chris’s arrogance, he basically killed himself and brought sadness and depression on to the lives of his family and all of the people he became close to while on his