Characteristics Of The Myers-Briggs Test

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Chris Wong
UNIV 101-027
Myers-Briggs Paper The Myers-Briggs tests perceive me as the same person as today, and it is shockingly accurate. I am stunned by the results and it made me ponder about my goals and relationships. After taking the assessment, I am considered as an ESFJ (Extravert (56%), Sensing (1%), Feeling (25%), Judging (56%)). Certainly, all the information is not all accurate but some actually described who I really am. The Myers-Briggs test says that ESJV people are generous entertainers, and enjoy/joyfully observer traditions and are liberal in giving, especially where customs prescribes. I would have to agree on this statement since I just love entertaining people. It’s my gift that God has blessed me with. It makes me joyful when people are happy. ESFV enjoy being in charge and they see problems clearly and delegate easily. I would have to agree on both of these statements. Growing up, my dad has taught me how to become a strong leader. By learning how to become a leader, it has really mold my personality and gave me positive self-esteem. Seeing problems is like me looking through a glass window. I quickly interpret and try to come up with a solution. ESFV are easily wounded, their emotions will not be contained. I would have to have to disagree and agree with that. Sure my flesh is easily wounded externally, but internally, I have my strong faith in Jesus so that no evil can penetrate my self-esteem. I can easily contain my emotions, I