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Dylan Jones
Ms. Johnson
2 December 2012
How did the faith and courage of Christopher Columbus give to mankind a new world? Christopher Columbus was a faithful person and believed in what he loved which was sailing and finding new things in the world. Columbus was rejected many times when it came to financial help to search for what would one day become a great land. No matter how many times Columbus was rejected he never gave up and eventually made it to the new found land.
Just a little after midnight, on and October night in 1492, Rodrigo de Triana, the lookout of a small ship, yelled “tierra” which means land. A cannon was shot to signal the Pinta’s two companion ships, the Nina and the Santa Maria, that land had been spotted. The three ships lowered their sails and waited until morning to investigate the new found land. All three ships were from Spain. The ships were sailed under Captain General Cristobal Colon. He used different names during his lifetime such as Cristoforo Colombo, Christobal Colom, and Xpoual de Colon, which is how he signed the beginning of the journal he kept of his 1492 voyage. Today we remember him as Christopher Columbus. Most of his life, Columbus, was a sailor. He made many voyages of merchant ships. Columbus began in the Mediterranean Sea and later along the coasts of Europe and Africa. In Lisbon, Portugal, Columbus was a cartographer. Columbus read books about explorers such as Marco Polo, an Italian merchant who traveled to Asia in the thirteenth century, as well as other explorers. Maybe it was inspired by the books on geography that Columbus read, but he approached the king of Portugal in 1484 with an idea. Columbus wanted to sail and search for islands and mainlands in the Ocean Sea which is now the Atlantic Ocean. He needed an investor. The king’s advisors rejected Columbus’s request. Columbus then traveled to Spain. He reached an audience with Queen Isabella in 1486. She was captivated, but her advisors were not convinced that Columbus’s request would become a success. With this, Queen Isabella told him to wait. After many years of waiting and negotiating, the queen agreed to finance the voyage. At about