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Explore Chromatography: See What’s in the Ink.
Chromatography separates inks using different solvents and a filter paper. In our exploration experiment, we studied how different solvents affect the type and rate of separation.
We kept everything else the same. We then studied and explored different terms and scientific reasoning that explained why what we had seen happened. Introduction
This lab was one of exploration . The only scientific element was that of learning. The purpose of the lab was to see the work of chromatography. It was the goal of the experiment to learn how different solvent works. We got to watch the capillary action and see as the ink separated into different materials. We didn’t have a hypothesis in this experiment because we didn’t have the background information to make any sort of educated guess. Methods
There are no safety precautions for this lab.
Filter Paper
Isopropyl alcohol.
Distilled water
Graduated Cylinder
Petri dish 1. Cut a piece of the filter paper that is 4 cm wide and as long as possible while still maintaining a rectangular shape.
2. Draw a line 1 cm in on the paper. Be sure to use the pencil, or you could throw off the experiment. 3. Label your filter paper 1­6 as evenly and widely spaced as possible and put ink from the corresponding number in its place. Label whether you are using alcohol or water.
4. Fill your cup with 10 mL of either alcohol or water.
5. Place your filter paper in the cup. Be sure that it doesn’t fall in and that the solvent does not touch the line that you have drawn.
6.Cover the cup with the Petri dish.
7. Observe the changes to the filter paper and ink, recording these observations every 2 minutes.