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Churchill and Roosevelt extra credit
1. On June 4th 1940, Wintson Churchill delivered one of his most famous speeches that now is given the title We shall Fight on the Beaches. The speech was told to the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. In the speech, Churchill warns the House of Commons about the possibility of Nazi Germany invading. Churchill also described a great military disaster. Churchill also spoke of France’s falling out of the war.
2. The battle of Dunkirk was the British and the Allies evacuating and defending themselves from May 26 – June 4th of 1940. Soldiers evacuating hopped on vessels, 338,226 men escaped. While escaping 243 vessels were sunk. The British and Allies defended the perimeter for they can escape. They were surrounded and leaving through the ocean was their only choice.
3. The British created anti-invasion preparations incase the Germans invaded. The military and civilians had to mobilize incase of invasion. The British quickly created field fortifications. England was practically a battlefield. Although all this they were never invaded and the preparations never went further.
4. Churchill’s speech united Britain by uniting an army greater than they ever had throughout the war. Everyone in Britain became very confident. They believed if there were to be an invasion, they would not lose. They were so prepared for the invasion, it seemed as if they wanted it to happen. And nationalism grew in the country.
5. “Arsenal of Democracy” was a slogan used by Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II. The Great Arsenal of Democracy was a speech given by Roosevelt on December 29th, 1940. The speech was given to motivate the Americans to support the war effort. The speech turned many citizens into interventionists (supporters of the war). Roosevelt speaks about how the Axis is not going to compromise. Roosevelt also speaks about how the U.S. would not be safe if Britain falls.
6. Roosevelt was well aware of what can possibly happen if the U.S did not do anything. Two countries in Europe and one in Asia signed a document that if the U.S attempted to stop their attempt at world domination, they would unite and attack the U.S. Roosevelt believed there is no point in attempting to make peace because there was no interest in peace from Nazi Germany.