Cis/207 Team Final Essay

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Team B Week Five System Proposal
Tyram Hill, Jason Kral
Mel Lee

Team B Week Five System Proposal
Riordan Manufacturing is a worldwide fortune 1000 enterprise manufacturer of plastics with sole ownership by Riordan Manufacturing Industries. Custom plastic product parts akin to beverage containers and fan parts help generate company revenue of one billion. Riordan development and research carries out at the company’s R&D headquarters location in San Jose, California. Three additional Riordan production plants include locations in Pontiac, Michigan and Albany, Georgia with an international joint venture in Hang Zhou, China. Riordan employs a mere approximate of 550 people with company projections at $46 million a
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This system easily integrates into many different industries by providing a system with purpose built capabilities. The Ax system allows employees in the retail industry to connect with their customers by providing a personalized interface that allows the customer to buy, pick up, return, or replace products on their own terms. Additionally, the Microsoft Dynamics Ax system allows clients to create and manage orders at the Point of Sale (POS). This POS benefit gives the sales person all of the information that is necessary to take full advantage of face to face time with customers. Microsoft Dynamics Ax benefits in distribution industry include capabilities for businesses to map longer lead times, track stock across multiple countries, and perform accounting for country specific regulations and taxes; all of which improves globalization. Furthermore, the Microsoft Dynamics Ax allows businesses to view orders in real time and track them globally (Microsoft 2012). The Ax system consists of 19 different core modules. These modules include a general ledger core, Bank Management, Customer Relationship Management, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable. The General Ledger core is comprised of ledger, sales tax, currency, and fixed assets. Bank Management is where cash is received and paid out. Business relation wherein the customer and vendor connection is upheld identifies Customer Relationship Management. The Accounts