Essay about Citibank - Performance Evaluation

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Citibank – Performance Evaluation
Submitted to – Dr. Payal Mehra
Date – 26/10/2012

Submitted By Group 8, Section C
Anuradha Tyagi (PGP28128)
Aditya Singh (PGP28158)
Bholendra P.Singh (PGP28143)
K. Aditya Das (PGP28139)
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Shweta J. (PGP28159)
Table of Contents 1. Abstract 2 2. Brief Overview of the current situation 3 3. Strategy for Case Analysis 5 4. Case Analysis 6 5. Recommendations 9 6. Implementation 11 7. References 12

Frits Seegers, President of Citibank California was put in a tough spot when he had to evaluate James
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But the question is whether it is rational to not rate him above par.
Now if we closely analyze the bank headed by James it is clearly visible that it is one of the most demanding banks in the region not only among Citibank branches but also among rivals. The no. of employees at the bank are just sixteen while the clientele of the bank ranges from Households on one end to sophisticated Business customers on the other and Mom and pop store to the sophisticated retail store on the other. Now this diverse clientele has equally diverse customer service requirements. Customer service requirements of one are different from those of the others. So with a employee bas of just sixteen employees it was practically impossible for the branch to provide a very high level of customer service to the clientele.
What made things worse for James was that his branch was to bear the blame for the lack of customer services for services such as ATM for which branch was not responsible but the Citibank as a whole was responsible. To add to the woes of James, one of the employee was absent for the third quarter. So very little was in the hands of the James to improve the services of the branch. The huge size of clientele was also causing problem for the branch of James as the no of branches of Citibank were significantly lower than the rivals, so the no. of clients per employee were very large and hence customer service for his branch was very bad.
The biggest hurdle in the promotion of James