Citizenship: Immigration to the United States and Community Service Essay

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Ali Peterson
Period 2
Citizenship Seminar Discussion

Diversity and Unity

The definition of diversity according to is “a range of different things”. The definition of unity also according to is “agreement between people or groups”. The United States embraces diversity everywhere. The workplace is one example. Different groups of people have different fortes so without diversity; the workplace would be weaker than what it is. Another way diversity is embraced in the U.S. is in the political office. Everyone has there own thoughts that can benefit the country in ways that wouldn’t be possible without diversity. The last example I will give is in the U.S. in general. If everyone looked the same, think of how boring life would be! “E pluribus unum” literally means “out of many, one”. This is the United State’s motto and figuratively means even though everyone is diverse in their own way, we are one nation and we stand together. Although there are many different languages, religion, and races, the U.S. keeps the democracy balanced.

Liberians In Minnesota

The Liberians living in the Unite States are refugees who were avoiding the civil war that was happening in Liberia. Even though the war ended in 2003, the government and society of Liberia is still unstable. Liberia is not ready for 10,000 expatriates to come back and settle. The temporary protected status is for a group of people who are temporarily able to stay in the U.S. while it is unsafe to return back to their home. Someone who holds this status can receive an employment authorization document, which is a document from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. The document states that the holder can legally work in the U.S. The Liberians should not be granted permanent residency unless all the other groups of people holding the temporary protected status are able to start naturalization also. If we allowed this, then we would have many people, coming from the eligible countries, immigrating to the U.S. I think that the U.S. should start having select (randomly chosen) groups of Liberians start heading back to their home countries.

Immigration as an Issue

There are many arguments against illegal immigrants being able to stay in the U.S. One is it would encourage other people to illegally enter the United States to gain their right to stay. If we had a bunch of illegal immigrants coming to the U.S. so they could live here, we could become overpopulated very quickly. Another argument is it could take away possible jobs for the citizens of the U.S. The U.S. unemployment rate is already high, with more people; there would be fewer opportunities for U.S. citizens to claim a job. Many arguments are also on behalf of illegal immigrants. One argument includes young people who are in school, graduated high school, or are honorably discharged from the military, could create a bright future for America. Another argument is if they are not convicted of a felony, what is the big problem? I think the United States should not allow illegal immigrants to stay in the U.S. because of overpopulation. The U.S. /allowing illegal immigrants to stay would cause the unemployment rate of U.S. citizens to dramatically increase, as the illegal immigrants would be able to claim jobs that are currently only available for citizens of America.

Dream Act and Young Illegal Immigrants

I think President Obama’s action to allow young illegal immigrants to work in the U.S. was a good idea. There were many requirements to prevent thousands of people coming to the U.S. as an illegal immigrant to work, so the U.S. wouldn’t become too overpopulated. If those requirements were not applicable, then there would be illegal immigrants from all over fleeing to America to get a job. The U.S. should pass a bill similar to the Dream Act. If the undocumented minors are a well-mannered person, graduated high