City Gender Roles

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Whether we like it or not, we are heavily influenced by culture, its gender roles and the media. Sex and gender roles gives people a norm on how they are supposed to look or act based on their gender. The media and our modern day culture have created these false ideals for people to conform and subsequently, shaping our gender roles. These roles have forced our society to form a stereotype of what the “perfect woman” and the “perfect man” should be.

In HBO’s Sex and the City, it follows the professional, romantic, and social lives of four thirty-something women in New York City. This show has -become one of the cornerstones of our pop-culture vocabulary. The show’s four main protagonists: Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte are very explicit about their sex lives and ultimately put friendship above marriage. While each of these four main characters are all vastly different as far as their gender roles, it is through each character’s trials and tribulations that each of them are all affected by the same pressures of finding love and becoming married. Yet despite this undertone, I feel, is highly contradicted through the show’s premise of the main character’s display of a close-knit group of self-reliant, dependent, and successful women who maintain their happiness despite their singlehood status.
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This show is intensely idealistic about the way that women can get unconditional love from one another. Women in this show are shown in the more respectable light, while men, being portrayed in the lesser more foolish light. Its primary focus is to express the level of sexual confidence that independent women have now without the patronization of its protagonists or ever suggesting that they are heartless or out of control or