America Gender Roles

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In reading the various plays that were written and performed during the eighteenth century time of restoration, many dealt with various vantage points concerning politics, roles of women, social status, wealth, and the concept and purpose of marriage. Sharing similar themes of people who lived in the cities, whom were expected to be more civilized and sophisticated versus those who resided in the country who were viewed to show a naiveté and unfashionable social status; the presence of women and how their roles were beginning to produce a growing voice in their current society and political climate; and the increased class mobility amongst both servants and noblemen alike have the chance and/or opportunity to change their social positions through various methods of situations and events. In thinking of these themes, each authors’ interpretation of their current societal conditions and climate of the period is prevalent in their plot lines, presentation of characters, and especially the various twists, conspiracies, and resolutions, if
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The following plays will be used to demonstrate the aforementioned points of discussion: The Country Wife (1675) by William Wycherley, The School for Scandal by Richard Brinsley Sheridan (1777), and She Stoops to Conquer; or, The Mistakes of a Night by Oliver Goldsmith