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14th Amendment: July 9,1868/ important because it required that all citizens must receive equal protection under the law (equal rights)

Civil rights Act: July 2,1964/ important in history because it outlawed segregation in all public places, schools, and places of employment

Plessy vs. Ferguson: 1896/ "separate but equal" ; important because it granted legislature immunity to states regarding race

19th Amendment: August 18, 1920; important because women gained the right to vote

C.O.R.E: (Congress of Racial Equality) September 22, 1963/ believe that "all people are created equal" / important because it worked towards the ultimate goal of equality throughout e world

US Military Segregated

Montgomery Bus Boycott: December 1, 1995 - December 20, 1956 / MLK and blacks stopped riding buses and walked/ carpooled instead; important because it showed that a non-violent protest could be effective

S.C.L.C. Formed: (Southern Christian Leadership Conference ) January 10, 1957/ sought to capitalize on the Montgomery Movement; significance was that it sustained the momentum of the Montgomery Movement to push their Civil Right goals further

S.N.C.C. Formed: (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) April 1960/ coordinated sit-ins and other protests; also gave young blacks a larger role in the Civil Rights Movement

March on Washington: August 28, 1963/ where more than 250,000 people marched peacefully to the Lincoln Memorial to demand equal justice for all citizens under law; MLK delivers "I Have A Dream" speech

LBJ Sighns Civil Rights Act: July 2, 1964/ changed the face of America by opening all public accommodations to all people regardless of race; represented a personal