Civil Rights Act Timeline Essay

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Civil Rights Act, 1964

Key terms
These statements (was the most important piece of legislation in American history) Paragraph 2 Background Causes Importance

Paragraph 3 Major features Public opinion Effects

Paragraph 4 Education Jobs Segregation Paragraph 5 Life without legislation

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was one of the most extreme controversies in the history of America. It was an important step to equality, but it was also days of hope for all those victims of discrimination. President Johnson signed the act on July 2, 1964, but it was first written in 1962 by President Kennedy’s assassination. The rights being guaranteed by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 were the desegregation of all public places. Americans had the right to vote with out discrimination.
These rights were written most of all to “protect” minorities for any unfair treatment, before the law women had been treated badly or not valuable in the terms of payment. If a women and a man were working in the same place, doing the same things the women will receive less money. By now everyone has their own opinion and they can say what they think, but the Civil Right Act made it illegal to deny any specific group of people for been “different”.
Colored people practice they’re right to vote no matter what could happen, they weren’t going to give up.